Saturday, November 18, 2006

France - Royal and the politics of gender

Reuters has an interesting analysis of how French Socialist Segolene Royal is using her gender as a political weapon against her opponents. Some quotes:
"The fact that Segolene Royal is a woman makes things difficult for us," said Nadine Morano, a parliamentarian close to conservative presidential favourite Nicolas Sarkozy...'Her appearance alone represents a break with the past because she is a woman and voters want to try something new"

"Sarkozy would prefer a thousand times over to face a leftist man ... Men are used to a virile political combat and the clear femininity of Segolene Royal is disconcerting them."

"Segolene is great at assuming the position of a self-styled victim, and (her opponents), paralysed at the idea of appearing sexist, have allowed her to take the lead."

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