Saturday, November 18, 2006

France - Royal's acceptance speech

Here is a babelfish translation of Segolene Royal's victory speech, delivered just after winning the French Socialist party candidacy for president:
"I would like simply to tell you all the happiness which I feel. I am very happy and I live this moment of happiness intensely. I measure the honor which is made to me today by all the militants who massively came to vote (...) They are giving me a dash and, that, I want to thank some for the bottom of the heart."

"the hour now will be with the gathering, I you will speak again about it tomorrow. What I want simply to do, it is to meditate and live this moment of happiness fully."

"I also measure that the fact of receiving this dash, to be selected in this way, it is something of extraordinary. I think that the French people wrote this history. It is the people which put themselves moving, they are the grass-roots militants who put themselves moving and which today give me this force, give me this dash."

"I would like to say to them that they will not be disappointed, that we will build something of extraordinary together, that France will write a new page of this history and that it is the French people which are writing this history."

"And, faithful to the values which are mine, from listening, attention, glance on reality such as it is, I will continue in the same way."

"I will remain myself for those which today trust me, because I know that around the socialist militants, there were full people who spoke to the socialist militants, who said: ' it is necessary to give him force, it is necessary to give him movement, it should be put in situation to approach the presidential election under best the conditions compared to the major aspiration of the country which wants than that change'."

"I want to incarnate this change, to give him credibility, to give him legitimacy and I believe that this evening this legitimacy is brought to me today and I thank for them for the bottom of the heart the socialist militants. Because tomorrow, I will have like tries to gather them all, including those which did not vote for me, I count on them."

"Each socialist militant will be useful in this difficult battle, each socialist militant must be at his station, if one wants around the Socialists to gather all the forces of left, a maximum of force of left as of the first turn of the elections."

"We have six months of work in front of us. These six months will be used in an intensive way, in a participative way. I go, with the socialist militants, to give the French people to the heart of the project of the Socialists to put it moving, to bring precise details, for saying as of today what we will do tomorrow if the French grant their confidence to me."

"This confidence, it is deserved. And today, I set out again of the base to go up the mountain and to climb this mountain with the socialist militants who bring their confidence to me, with all the French who want that that changes and we all together will climb this mountain until May 2007".

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