Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mother Royal, Father Sarkozy

L'Express magazine released the results of a survey showing that 42% of the French population believes Socialist Segolene Royal would make a better president than UMP rival Nicolas Sarkozy, who received 36% support. Royal is also judged as more modern, more modern, and much nicer. Nevertheless, Sarkozy scored higher as most authoritative by a long shot (71% to 20%), more capable in an international crisis (58% to 26%), more competent (48% to 34%), more statesman like (44% to 38%), and a better international representative of France (46% to 39%).

So why is Royal chosen as the better president? Obviously this is only one survey, but it is interesting to see the mindset of French voters. They are not only attracted to Royal for all the soft and fuzzy personality indicators, but then believe those factors are more important for presidential success than the traditional statesmanship that Sarkozy represents. The French seem to think that a caring mother would rule better than a controlling father.

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