Saturday, November 18, 2006

Royal accepts nomination

This is a translation of exerpts of Segolene Royal's acceptance speech, delivered the day after her primary win. Translation courtesy of Bablefish:

We will climb the mountain until the victory so that France seizes all its chances, and makes progress for all, the respect for each one I thank the militants for the socialist party who came to vote in mass and who gave to all those and all those which want that that changes the force to believe in it. I do not draw from this result any personal glory but I measure the immense responsibility not to disappoint all those and those which hope. The presidential election goes to essence: the possibility for each one of choosing its destiny and of controlling it in turbulences of the world of today. Yes, France can take again the hand. Yes it can believe sufficiently in it, to join again with the best of its history, to project themselves again in the future to build a common destiny. [... ]

The world changed, France moved, then the policy must change. I want not only to incarnate this major change but to build it with all. The policy must leave the reality of the life of people, to be attentive with the lessons which the people give, to understand that the citizen is placed best to make the diagnosis of his life and for saying in the name of which values the left must act. France must give to each one the means of taking its existence in hands indeed. For this reason the personal freedoms call collective solidarity and guarantees to build. Let us not be afraid of the new ideas, draw them in the everyday life of the French people, in his sufferings, its difficulties but also in its talents and its formidable successes. [... ]

We will climb the mountain until the victory. Today it is one fine day to leave to the combat because we are carried by a generous and happy popular movement which feels that we are supported by a cause which is larger than us. I launch today a call with all the French, men and women of our country. You gather, mobilize you, ask you what you can do for our country, imagine together France which will have courage to face the changes without giving up its ideal of freedom, equality and fraternity. For an order right, against all the unjust disorders which strike weakest, for positive energies which gather and of new freedoms to invent. Let us put of movement for six months during which we will have to invest all our energy and all the fruit of our exchanges with the French, and I will continue as I have done for several months. With all the force of our socialist convictions to link all the left in its diversity then to gather a majority of French in the same desire with a future.

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