Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sarkozy-Royal debate?

According to CNN, immediately after Segolene Royal won her party's nomination, Interior Minister and presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy called her to offer his congratulations and to challenge her to a debate. When asked about a debate later on, Sarkozy responded by saying that he was delighted "at the prospect of this debate... about modernity, a debate that goes to the heart of the matter...I'm delighted because she is someone of quality, and I'm sure after this debate the French will be well informed of the choice [before them]".

Despite the cheery attitude, Sarkozy must have been somewhat disappointed in Royal's landslide victory. Just a few days ago, a collegue of Sarkozy's said that "Sarkozy would prefer a thousand times over to face a leftist man" because "Men are used to a virile political combat and the clear femininity of Segolene Royal is disconcerting them." Royal's performance in the six debates with her Socialist rivals left something to be desired according to the press, although her victory margin clearly showed that their effects were moot.

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