Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Will Chirac run?

It could not have been a worse time for Nicolas Sarkozy. On the day he announced his intent to run for the presidency, new polls show that the percentage of voters who trust current President Jacques Chirac to fix France's problems has risen from 32% to 42%. Not only that, the trust in PM Dominique de Villepin jumped from 29% to 38%. Each of these politicians has hinted in recent weeks that they might run themselves, creating an awkward situation for Sarkozy and another hindrance in his bid to defeat Socialist candidate Segolene Royal.

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James P said...

I think that there will indeed be a 'stop Sarko' candidate from the right. However, I think it is probably more likely be to be Michele Alliot-Marie, the Defence Minister.

De Villepin has not electoral experience, and I doubt Chrirac would want to end his presidency by acting as a 'spoiler' candidate.

Louise W. said...

Of course Chirac doesn't want Sarkozy to win the presidency. He may have personal reasons, but more than that, he loves and values his French culture and roots. Chirac is French in his soul, Sarkozy is not. Chirac would rather see a win by a Socialist Segolene, who is French by culture, than by a Sarkozy who is French by birth only. Makes sense to me!