Thursday, December 7, 2006

Alliot-Marie in race

Last night French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said that she was ready to run for president because she "has certain experience and has worked for it." While again reiterating that she would be behind the final UMP nominee, she tried to differentiate herself from Sarkozy: "What is important, is to see, and it is what I will do in the next weeks, if my convictions, and perhaps my personality, meet desires of the French...It is very difficult for a man to carry out an electoral battle against a woman." She called the Socialst candidate Segolene Royal both idealess and convictionless, and a woman who trusts only opinion polls. That may be the case, yet Alliot-Marie must also be eyeing the polls quite closely, if only to see if she can put any dent in the enormous Sarkozy lead. Forbes already labels her the 57th most powerful woman in the world, and the lure of getting in the top ten will always cause a bit of competitive sentiments.

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