Friday, December 15, 2006

Alliot-Marie refuses to declare if she will run

Although she will be participating in the second UMP debate in Lyon tonight, Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie has consistently refused to say whether or not she will seek the nomination of her party against Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Yesterday she gave an interview with Le Figaro about the campaign, Sarkozy, and her vision for France.

Wouldn't there be a danger to UMP to have several candidates?

In the current context, yes. Vis-a-vis on an avid left of revenge, with a raised national Face, we should not take the risk of division in front of the voters. I say clearly: I am by principle for a single candidature. I insist, our candidate which that it is will have to obey the pressing requirement to gather and to federate the union does not issue itself, it is conquered, it is a step, a will, a state of mind. The hour to make the demonstration of it arrived.

If Jean-Marie Le Pen did not obtain his sponsorships, could you plan to be candidate out of the UMP?

The situation would be certainly different, but I said it to you I am by principle for a single candidature. If such were the case, vis-a-vis to a change of gives political should think to us together of our strategy. With with final the absolute will making triumph our family.


Is your vision of the institutions (of France) so different from that of Nicolas Sarkozy?

Our institutions function. One can certainly improve their operation, that does not oblige to change the constitution. Let us join again rather with their spirit: the choice of stability against the play of the political parties, the responsibility against the compromises for the 4th republic. The president of the Republic impels the policy and gives visibility in the duration: he remains while the Prime Minister can change. At same time, he represents the whole of the French and alleviates the most serious crises. I refuse the idea of a president of the Republic plastered to the rank of a political actor like the others and subjected to the same pressures as a member of Parliament. In an often conflicting company like our, we need somebody who is guaranteeing social and national cohesion, which is a recourse in the event of blocking. To be in balance on its two legs, it is not reactionary, it is the best way of holding upright.


Which proposals will you make this evening in Lyon?
Demography is a major challenge for France. So that the families build themselves, it is necessary that they rely on the future. To ensure the security of the professional jobs, to encourage the possibility of home-ownership of family housing, to exonerate it inheritancees death tax for the children, to grant a complete tax share as of the second child, in fact measurements answer this vision.
To more directly answer your question, I do not seek the difference with such or such. I express the reality of it with what I believe, the truth of what I am. I speak to the French about France as I like it and as I imagine it for tomorrow.

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