Monday, December 4, 2006

Alliot-Marie sings the Sarkozy tune

French Defense Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie has said today that:
"If, in a few weeks, it appears that Nicolas Sarkozy is best placed to gather the French, I will support him without any hesitation. And I am sure that Nicolas Sarkozy will do the same if it appears in a few weeks that I am the best one capable to gather vis-a-vis Ségolène Royal."

A week or two ago it looked like Sarkozy would face a bumpy ride to his party's nomination; President Jacques Chirac was hinting that he might run for a third term, PM Villepin wasn't ruling out anything, and Defense Minister Alliot-Marie was emerging as a possible female challenger to Socialist candidate Segolene Royal. Although Sarkozy may still face some difficulties, Alliot-Marie appears entirely ready to throw her support behind him if, as expected, he is the overwhelming favorite of the party. His goal now will be to keep this "uniting" momentum on the right to squeeze as many votes from Le Pen as possible, and keep the media focused on Segolene Royal's controversy in the Middle East.

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