Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Bayrou cries for attention

François Bayrou, the leader and presidential candidate of the UDP party, has been feeling lonely. Although he represents moderate positions and is the leader of the third largest party in France, Bayrou has been increasingly ignored by the media, which is focused almost exclusively on Nicolas Sarkozy, Segolene Royal, and the ever present Jean-Marie Le Pen. Bayrou is now accusing the UMP and Socialist parties of captilazing on the threat of a Le Pen win in the first round to create a repeat of last presidential election, where the second round included only Chirac and Le Pen, and no left wing candidate.
"They are saying 'Ladies and gentlemen, remember 21st April 2002, vote sensibly in the first round and get us Sarkozy against Royal. In reality, they are saying, 'let's not have a first round.'"

What will he do if his appeals fall on deaf ears? Bayrou has hinted that he would not mind being Prime Minister for either President Sarkozy or Royal.

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