Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bayrou denounces media's attitude

UDF presidential candidate François Bayrou has denounced the way the French media is covering the presidential race and its general attitude toward the various candidates:
"It is the whole media which has, with regard to those whom they believe are the dominant candidates, an obséquieuse attitude. The moment when they meet a candidate considered by them minority, then (...) there is not enough condescension. This manner - weak with the powerful ones and scornful with weak that is not the Republic and these are not the principles that the law obliges us to respect."

After this statement, Bayrou said that as president he would take it upon himself to slash the federal deficit with budget and personel cuts.

To be honest, one has to feel bad for the guy. Polls show that the majority of French "could" vote for him in a general election, but he is still polling only high single digits. Bayoru is considered a moderate to center-right, in fact, many members of his party left to join Sarkozy's center-right UMP several years ago. While I agree that the media has perhaps unfairly predetermined Sarkozy or Royal as president, they still spend a much larger amount of time reporting on the third party candidates in comparison to the US, where third party candidates get almost zero air time.

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