Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bayrou signs homeless pact

Francois Bayrou announced today that he had signed the charter of Children of Don Quixote, a group that is raising awareness for the homeless. Bayrou is the candidate for the centrist UDF party and is currently campaigning on the French island La Réunion near Madagascar. "Let us stop the blabla around these questions and make acts." Bayrou also mocked the promises made by UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy that there would be no more homeless in two years under his presidency, because the UMP had criticized Socialist Lionel Jospin in 2002 for promising no more homeless in five years.

Bayrou will be the third presidential candidate to sign the charter, trailing communists Marie-George Buffet and Olivier Besancenot. In addition, Francois Hollande, the romantic partner of candidate Segolene Royal and leader of the Socialist party, has also signed the measure.

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