Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogger backlash against Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy's quick 20 minute spiel at the Le Web 3 conference in Paris has generated a huge backlash against him and the conference organizers in the "blogosphere." Here's a typical rant:
(...) this event has been hijacked to be a pit stop of the french presidential election campaign.

I do not go to a EUROPEAN conference to listen to a guy in french talking about french politics. I do not care as they do not care. I would have had less problem with having this scheduled on the program, it being in french and having the rest in order.

I did not go to a conference to have to show my id to get in. I did not intent to go to a tech conference and find myself having barred out of the big room because some security wants to search it.

I do not tolerate that a lot of my friends who are supposed to be speaking for 20 min got told the day of the speaking that oh they have to make it in like 10 minutes to make space for some "last minute changes" while as the same time it was possible to organize translation headsets and translaters for those french politicians.

I will not tolerate that for another politician questions are cut off of people coming to this conference for a totally different thing. Read more...

I hope nobody had a heartattack over an amended schedule! Anyway, after huffing and puffing these people might want to realize that they may have just been given a sneak preview of the next President of France, kind of like seeing George Bush as Texas governor.
At least one person found something positive out of it:
I'm in two minds about this. The blog-champion geeky part of me is irritated, frankly. I came here to learn about the cutting edge of web media, and this just a distraction. I imagine the people who paid to attend out of their own pockets, rather than their company's, will be even more annoyed. It feels like the conference has been used to promote a political agenda of blogging's role in French society. And, when 50% of the attendees are from overseas, that's pretty thoughtless.

On the other hand, that's exactly why the journalist part of my brain is excited by it. On a meta level, the fact that Loïc has been able to attract the calibre of person here that he has is mind-blowing. Can you imagine politicians in other countries dropping by a geeky conference at very short notice? No.

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