Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blogger Wars, Sarkozy Strikes Back

The UMP has announced that they have validated 900 blogs in support of Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, and that 16,000 internet users wish to play an active role in his campaign. They also updated their number of party members, saying that the UMP currently contains 327,000 members and is gaining 2000 more per day, which is four times as fast as earlier this year.

The Sarkozy campaign has been reeling from a number of web-tragedies, including not having a webpage ready immediately after Sarkozy's candidacy announcement, and a badly received speech at the Le Web 3 blogging conference in Paris. The Socialists have done quite the opposite, generating a huge grassroots web-network to supplement Segolene Royal's "participative campaign". But now it appears that the UMP is ready to strike back. According to today's announcement, Nicolas Sarkozy will release a video message to the party on January 1, which will be distributed on the UMP website. Whether this is the beginning of a new cutting edge campaign or a desperate attempt to appear modern will have to be seen.

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