Saturday, December 9, 2006

Bush and Royal, meant for each other...

Despite continued criticism of her stance, French Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has once again declared that the world should not allow Iran to develop a civilian nuclear program:

"In the history of the world, there has been so much indifference, a turning away from rising dangers. Tomorrow, we must not say we did not know. If we allow Iran to master uranium enrichment, we won't be able to stop it from moving from civilian nuclear (use) to military nuclear (use)"

Royal only slightly conditioned her comments, saying that her position might change if Iran accepted unfettered international inspections of its nuclear program. With all of this forceful rhetoric, one wonders why she is in general still negative towards America. The US is currently the most aggressive of any on the UN Security Council in pushing for sanctions against Iran, and is probably the only country besides Israel that would consider taking unilateral action to stop Iran from building a bomb. Like Bush, she strongly supports the current government of Lebanon against Hezbollah's street protesters, and she is also understanding of Israel's precarious security situation. But if Royal expects that she will have the White House behind her with regards to Iran, she should be wary. No president but Bush will push as hard against Iran, least of all his successor.

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