Thursday, December 28, 2006

Candidates follow public against euro

According to a new survey, the French are increasingly turning against the common currency as they scapegoat it for their economic woes, and candidates are noticing.

The TNS-Sofres survey published on Wednesday (27 December) by Le Pelerin magazine showed 52 percent of respondents said giving up the franc for the euro has been "quite bad" or "very bad" for France, up from 45 percent three years ago in a similar survey.

Fifty-one percent of the 1000 participants in the telephone poll said the single currency has been mainly harmful for economic prospects while 94 percent were convinced the euro has fuelled inflation.


The presidential front-runners for next April's elections, Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal, have both criticised the European Central Bank for harming economic growth with a series of interest rates increases.

The survey also had a more amusing tidbit, saying that 25% still think in francs as they shop, which is lower than many other European nations.

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