Monday, December 25, 2006

Chriac's third term

French President Jacque Chirac may not be receiving a third presidential term for Christmas this year, but he can still pretend.

A lawyer behind key corruption investigations into President Jacques Chirac's conduct has released a board game charting his hypothetical attempt to win a third presidential term, as he tries to dodge scandals and wield influence to stay on course.

"Jacques-Pote" (a play on words between Jackpot and Jack the Lad) is a satirical version of a traditional French boardgame called "jeu de l'oie" — a cross between snakes and ladders and monopoly.

Players move their coloured Chirac counters to squares which chronologically depict real chapters and events from his four-decade career, or scenarios that could boost his chances of re-election, such as a major international crisis.

A square featuring Ségolène Royal, the Socialist presidential candidate, who brandishes a rolling pin and is described as a "threat", orders Chirac to move backwards.

Likewise, when Nicolas Sarkozy, the Right-wing presidential favourite, brings out a best-seller – a reference to his summer hit Témoignages (Testimony), which topped the book charts for weeks – the player is ordered back six places. Read more...

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