Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Class based polling

New polls released today show how the French judge who each candidate will defend the best: the poor, middle, and rich. 55% said that Socialist Segolene Royal take the lower class into more account than Sarkozy with 20%. 58% of members of the the lower class themselves think Segolene would be best for them.

Royal won in the middle as well, with 48% of the French believing she would most take care of the middle class' interests, compared to Sarkozy's 27%. She also won a general poll, in which 41% against Sarkozy's 31% believe she deal with the issues of everyone best.

Sarkozy won strongly for the upper class, with 60% believing he represents the concernes of the rich the best.

Beyond these questions, the French were also polled on which issues demanded the most urgency. Top of the list was unemployment with 43%, followed by peace 30%, health 30%, and the environment 29% (I assume these were each separate questions, or else we have over 100%).

Seeing that Royal won so decisively in most categories, it is a little surprising that the last "runoff" poll showed Sarkozy beating her by 1%. All she needs to do now is turn those reputation points into votes.

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