Monday, December 18, 2006

Sarkozy is here for you

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy gave a speech today in the Ardennes, where he expressed the wish to reunify France after the divisive EU constitution referendum that ended in its defeat.
"I want to speak in France about the 'no' which is not France of the refusal of the world or of Europe but France which cannot about it undergo any more, to feel listened, heard, not respected (...) I voted 'yes' with the referendum but I want and I must hear this France of the ' non' because I want to give him reasons to believe in the future. I want to understand, hear, speak with this France which let itself try by the abstention and allure by the extremism. I want to tell it that the Republic requires it, that you will not build anything just with anger."


I know that often you felt betrayed by those to which you had given your confidence (...) I will not betray you. I will not lie you, I will not give you up. (...) I did not come to say to you (...) to give up all the social rights to face the competition of India and of China. I came to say to you that I will never accept that France is a country where one impoverishes himself while working because work no longer pays enough.

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