Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Iran blasts Royal

The government of Iran has finally responded to French Socialist Segolene Royal's increasingly harsh language towards the Iranian nuclear program. Today an official from the Iranian Foreign Ministry told reporters that:

"The criticisms made by various political parties and particularly the Socialists on the stances of Segolene Royal about Iran's peaceful nuclear activity is in itself revealing of the illogical and unrealistic nature of Royal's remarks. Such groundless stances can only bring forth new challenges for France. Considering that the French perpetually backed up the Zionists in the recent Lebanon war, and as we are at the threshold of the Presidential elections in France and also the very fact that such remarks were made in the occupied Palestine land, we think that Royal's stances mostly tend to be of a propagandist nature."

These comments are unusual in that a foreign government (or at least an official in the government) is so openly criticizing an unelected candidate of another country. It is likely that this can only help Royal at home, because any international interaction will help improve her foreign policy credibility, and being criticized by Iran shows that she is already considered an international player (or threat) by them.

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1 comment:

Loopy said...

as a teacher and socialist in france, while i do like some of what segolene brings, there are some aspects of her which i find very disturbing. Her unusually open support of the israeli position, which is against the PS idealogy, even those of the far right within the party. however, waht is the important i think, is that the socialist win the elction, since the president alone does not decide every course of action. And anyways if we consider her stance against that of Sarko, it is by far the lesser of two evils.