Friday, December 8, 2006

Israeli reaction to Royal visit

After Segolene Royal's trip to Israel, Israelis have been pondering whether she actually will bring about a change in their countries' strained relations if elected. Here's what one reader from the Jerusalem Post had to say:

Up to it, Mme Royal?

Sir, - Your take on Segolene Royal seems right on ("Royal's visit," Editorial, December 6). If she didn't get a good translation of what was said in Beirut, that's her fault. If she really is that innocent, then perhaps she isn't up to being president of France. On the other hand, her lack of experience can be an asset - if she's willing to learn, there is still hope for her.

It isn't often that France has been on our side. The last time I can remember was during the Six Day War, when French warplanes and munitions helped us when the Americans refused.

Can Mme Royal usher in another era of French pro-Israelism? Let us hope so.


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c said...

"Can Mme Royal usher in another era of French pro-Israelism? Let us hope so."

I hope not. Neutrality in the Israel-Palestine issue is needed in order to help build a sustainable peace.

Boz said...

I would agree that neutrality is central to any peace negotiations, but the fact is that French policy has oftentimes been blatantly hostile to Israel and pro-Arab. Any leader who can discuss frankly and respectably with both sides is an asset to a peaceful resolution.