Monday, December 18, 2006

Le Pen closes the door on immigrants

National front presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen has declared that as president he would stop all immigration.
"I am for immigration zero, in the current state of the things, taking into account the enormous mass of the immigrants, non assimilated for much of them, which are in our country (...) the money which was spent very largely with the reception and the maintenance of the immigrants in our country partly caused (...) the economic and social situation in which we are."

However, he did take an ever so slightly softer tone with those already in France, saying that "this will not prevent, obviously, in a certain number of cases, to accomodate immigrants whose integration would be desirable because conforms to the interest of our country." In the past few days it appeared that Le Pen was trying to court a new audience by including pictures of North Africans on his campaign posters. I wonder how many mcuh support such a hypocritical stance will garner Le Pen now.

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