Thursday, December 21, 2006

Le Pen is anti-semitic?

Hmm, who could imagine such an outrage? Well, considering Le Pen already has such a reputation, it might not come as such a shock. According to the Israeli website Ynetnews, National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen recently had some comic words to say about anti-semitic humor.
Le Pen, leader of the National Front who shocked France by finishing second behind President Jacques Chirac in the 2002 election, recently attended a show by controversial comedian Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala.

The black comic was fined by a French court for anti-Semitic comments in 2004.

Asked on BFM radio whether it was Dieudonne's anti-Semitism that he found funny, Le Pen responded: "Yes, that can also be funny. There should be no subject that escapes criticism or irony. It all depends on how it is treated."

"You know the people who mock Jews the most are Jews themselves. There's a Jewish form of humor that is very famous and well-known."

If this wasn't telling enough, the article goes on to include a litany of other Le Pen offences.
(Le Pen) was convicted and fined in 1990 for inciting racial hatred and for saying in 1996 that the gas chambers used by the Nazis were "merely a detail" of World War Two.

He faces another trial next year for saying in 2005 that "the German occupation was not particularly inhumane". In June, he said the French soccer team had too many black players.

Coming from America, I strongly disagree with the notion that he was prosecuted for exercising his freedom of speech, although his comments have certainly been despicable. One wonders what the French think when they see his poll numbers rising.

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