Saturday, December 23, 2006

Map of the election blogosphere

A new website that has been getting a decent amount of press coverage in France has an interactive map of the huge blogophere that has grown up around French politics and the upcoming election. Le Figaro conducted an interview with the creator of the site last week.
To make this cartography, we started from a directory, and we launched robots which explored the various bonds between the sites. They returned with approximately 1300 sites, of which we kept only the 10% the most read for each party. The postulate, it is that the navigation of the Net surfer composes a true numerical territory, and that a proximity set of themes and ideological between two blogs will result in a proximity into term of bonds. In light, two close sites politically will tend to return on the same bonds. Our chart thus represents a real experiment of navigation which can be that of a Net surfer.


I have the impression that UMP electorate is less sensitive to the Web, which it goes less easily on the blogs than the Socialists can do it. Moreover, the financial basket available to the party of the majority enables him to center its countryside Internet on aspects plus "marketing" (purchase of key words...), while the PS played the Community aspect.
There is a certain disappointment with the UMP, where one could note that the blogs created by the party are still-born children with more than 90%. The majority of the blogs of the party of the majority besides very little are attached to the blogosphère and receive few bonds coming from third blogs, not included in the platform of the party. On right-hand side, they are the popular young people who assure the majority of the presence on the blogosphère. One can say that they hold galaxy UMP on Internet.
The blogs of support for Royal Ségolène, what is called Ségosphère, are in a logic of relay of information, of copier/coller of the same articles, same infos, to make mass and occupy the ground. But it is partly a waste of time. In fact thousands of blogs are not read which will do that one is taken again in addition, it is the fact of publishing original contents.

The analyst is also asked about how he believes this online presence will affect the campaign. He agrees that it will have an impact, but points out that some camps, like Jean-Marie Le Pen's, have little online presence but still hold strong positions in the polls. The interview ends by him saying that if France was only seen through this blogosphere, one would think that France is "populated only by thirty year olds who pass their life on the internet."

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