Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Real or Staged, interviews with candidates

Le Monde has good overview of how Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy have been imposing rules for many of their television appearances, including choosing who they will be questioned/debated by.

Is it normal that a candidate chooses his debators? "According to the topics approached, it appears comprehensible to to me that there are interlocutors with whom my guest wants or not to discuss", Serge Moati affirms. But the producer recognizes that "each one has multiple concerns today: to approach such or such topic, to discuss with one, to avoid being attacked too much by the other, to accept only interlocutors "of a certain level" ". For as much, it underlines, the very great care taken by its guests to prevent Ségolène Royal "from being challenged without care by Jean-Louis Bourlanges".

It does not prevent, the channels yield more and more with the rules enacted by the two favourites of the polls. "The debates of today incarnent perfectly the political and media culture French", underlines Mickaël Darmon, political journalist in France 2. "One remains thus in a system of dubbing, very framed."

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