Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Royal blasts UMP rule

Expounding upon a theme that will likely take center-stage in her campaign to discredit Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, Socialist candidate Segolene Royal told an audience today that:
"France initially suffered five years of the power of the right (...) they (UMP) gave up all, they did not exert their responsibility, their means of action, they did not look in time how people lived, they founded precariousness as a normal mode of management of wage-earning (...) France initially suffers five years of the power of the right, of a capacity of brutality, rupture, precariousness (...) (it is necessary) to assume the responsibility for the State and the public power (...) We want a France which fights and a France which is raised."

Sarkozy's main theme so far has been that of a "rupture", and he has consistently tried to distance himself from the Chirac government in order to appear as a fresh political face. Royal and her crew are now going to attempt to closely connect Sarkozy with the past 5 years of Chirac, at least in the public's mind. If successful, they will cause the negative feelings that have collected over the last few years to tarnish Sarkozy's much heeded "rupture", leaving only one genuine rupture candidate (Royal) to vote for.

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