Saturday, December 2, 2006

Royal criticizes Nazi analogy

Yesterday, the same Hezbollah lawmaker whom Segolene Royal agreed and then disagreed with, apparently made some far harsher comments about Israel, by comparing their occupation of southern Lebanon with the Nazi occupation of Franci in World War II: "The Nazism that spilled our blood and usurped our independence and sovereignty was no less wrong than the Nazism that occupied France." According to Royal, she did not hear the remarks at the time, but she wasted no time today in responding, calling them "unacceptable, abominable and hateful," and that had she heard them, she "would have left the room." Right now Royal must be incensced at this Hezbollah politician, Ali Ammar, and not without reason. What was otherwise a flawless performance at the start of a somewhat risky Middle East trip has turned into a "he said she said" tussle. We will have to wait and if this trip affects her poll numbers, but as long as she avoids making any egregious errors, nothing will likely stick for long.

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