Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Royal in Dublin

The Independent has an excellent article by one of their reporters who discovered that at the age of 18, French Socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal worked as an au pair in Dublin.
"I had no idea that it could be the same person," said Mrs Schuster, 43. "Only two or three weeks ago I was watching something about Ségolène Royal on the television news. I said to my husband, 'That's strange. We had an au pair called Ségolène when I was a child'. It did not occur to me for a moment that it could have been her."

Mrs Schuster, who now has two children of her own, remembers the 18-year-old Ségolène, as a "very warm-hearted girl, great fun. She was a big success. We had had other French au pairs and, quite honestly, we didn't like them much. They didn't seem very interested in us. But Ségolène took the time to play with us, especially me as the only girl in the family."

"She would cook with me and draw with me. I also remember that my brother John was mad about butterflies and we would spend hours with Ségolène chasing butterflies and bumblebees around our garden with nets." Read more...

It is rather funny to know that Segolene Royal spent some time in Ireland considering the extent of her English language skills. Frogsmoke found a video today of Royal speaking English in Australia; needless to say, she wasn't what I'd call fluent. This issue will have to be dealt with when she goes on a planned trip to the United States next year. Any foreign politician who speaks English well gets plenty of press coverage, but for Royal, it might be better if she just hid behind an interpreter. Nothing risked nothing gained, but then again, nothing lost either.

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