Sunday, December 3, 2006

Royal meets Abbas

After a night in Jordan, French Socialist Segolene Royal arrived in Gaza City and spoke with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. During the meeting Royal said that a unity Palestinian government "would be a substantial process toward recognizing the principles of the Quartet", though this comes on the heels of a collapse unity talks with Hamas earlier in the week. Many Western governments are continuing to embargo foreign aid to the government because Hamas is a designated terrorist organization, but Royal has voiced support for the resumption of foreign aid.

Later today she will meet with senior Israeli officials. She will most likely keep to her neutral tone, for her comments days ago about the insanity of US policy has generated negative media shock-waves. Royal may, however, ask Israel to cease their overflights of Lebanon, a position that the ruling French government strongly supports.

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1 comment:

A. Truman North said...

Over on, the left-wing news and comment website, they're identified Royal as the "French Hillary", which is apt, since both are charismatic female socialists with a strong anti-Semitic streak.

Perhaps this is a bellweather for the upcoming US elections too?

Honestly, I can't see modern American Democrats nominating Hillary- they love her but in their hearts, they'd rather win with a less-extreme candidate than lose and gain a moral victory.

But if they do, the race could look a lot like France's current race.