Sunday, December 17, 2006

Royal news roundup

Today Segolene Royal was interviewed on the French television news program "Ripostes", whee she revealed several new bits of info on her past and her current positions.

1. When Royal was appointed Minister of the Environment in 1992, she hid the fact that she was pregnant: "It is true (...) There are many women who, finding an employment, hide that they are pregnant in spite of the social laws of protection." She opened up to the press soon after childbirth "to assert this conciliation between the family life and the professional life."

2. Royal declared that "the first decision that I would take, is throw a vast plan of innovation and of investment in research." In addition, she said that she would work to reinforce occupational qualifications because "Today, we have thousands of qualified young people who are with unemployment and that, it is a scandal." Her third priority would be to increase the value of work because "it is necessary to make employees safe and to make it so that contracts of employment for unspecified (time) duration becomes the rule."

3. Royal announced that the 35 work week was a "formidable social progress," and that she does not intend to reform it. "Where is the problem, there are the authorizations for overtime today."

Update: Here's the video if your French is up for a challenge.

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