Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Royal scolded for Iran nuclear remarks

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Philippe Douste-Blazy, has blasted French Socialist Royal for her statement that Iran should not be allowed to a civilian nuclear energy program.
"To call into question the right of Iran to obtain civil nuclear energy, I say quite civil, as has just been proposed by Ms. Royal is actually to call into question the Nonproliferation Treaty which was signed by the near total of all the countries in the world...By this treaty, countries give up obtaining atomic weapons in exchange for civil nuclear energy and thus nonmilitary ends. It is thus a treaty which has an absolutely capital importance in the world."

The Royal campaign quickly retorted by saying that because Iran does not respect the Nonproliferation Treaty, it sets itself apart from its guarantees. This position is fine for Royal to hold right now, but she will have to be prepared to support it beyond simple rhetoric when directly asked by Nicolas Sarkozy.

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