Sunday, December 17, 2006

Royal spotted in Second Life

Just days after youth members of the Jean-Marie Le Pen camp were spotted setting up an election headquarters in the virtual world Second Life, an avatar named "Segolene RoyalE" and bearing her resemblance has been found trotting around the virtual landscape.

Vincent Feltesse, the head of the "new technologies division" of Royal's Socialist party, told AFP the character -- known as Segolene RoyalE -- had been spotted some time ago but nothing had been done to stop it.

"That's just par for the course for the 'net," he said.

He added that, while the behaviour of the avatar was "sophomoric" and not approved of by the party, it would go unhindered "as long as it's not an initiative controlled by a PR agency. Read more...

Although Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy has not yet been seen in this virtual world, we should not forget that he is the only candidate as of yet to have had the unique honor of virtually dancing to disco music.

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1 comment:

arnaud127 said...

I think I need to give you an update:

There is now a Virtual Sarkozy (also referred to as "Virtual Vizir" for reasons only the French will understand, I am afraid).
Virtual Vizir can be spotted on the 3D website "Caricavatars" in Second Life, or on the 2D website