Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Royal's forgotten books

Le Figaro is running an interesting article that describes several books by Segolene Royal which have yet to be completed. Apparently during the precampaign, Royal said that she would be write a book that collected the ideas of the many visitors to her website desirsdavenir.org. Accoring to her, she would post a new chapter online every 15 days. Time tells a different story... The first chapter was posted on March 24, 2006, followed almost six months later by the second chapter on September 10. Even though the ensuing chapter titles were announced, no update has been posted since. When questioned on the matter, one of Royal's campaign directors simply said "I don't know". The article goes on to describe some contracts Royal signed with regard to a published version, but it looks like these have just been pushed back too.

Royal signed one more deal this past April, which would transcript discussions she would have with a prominent female magazine writer. The target date for publication was January 2007, but now that is clearly not a possibility. Segolene fans should not despair, but then again, they should not hope for much. If Royal wins the election, she will be much to busy to write books in her spare time, and if she loses, potential book sales would fall. That still leaves later on in life. Former US President Jimmy Carter has published 20-odd books, and each president gets at least one down to make some extra money. It is, after all, one of the many perks such a job offers.

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