Friday, December 22, 2006

Sarkozy continues quest for nomination

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is closer than ever to securing his party's nomination for the presidency. After pledging support the other day, former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who also moderated the UMP debates, officially signed an endorsement for Sarkozy's candidacy. However, he was not alone. Over 140 French minister, deputies and senators followed his lead in officially supporting Sarkozy.

But while Sarkozy may have been flying high in his own party, National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen expressed quite a different view of the young Interior Minister:

"Mr. Sarkozy (...) is completely schizophrenic. How can he make the French believe that he will do tomorrow everything that he did not do yesterday? (...) the schizophrenic battle that Mr. Sarkozy carries out against himself, against his own party and his own culture, reinforces on the contrary the credibility of my arguments. Because finally, all that Mr. Sarkozy says, I said before him."

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