Friday, December 8, 2006

Sarkozy in bed with America?

A new French article details Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy's close interaction with an American company called The Boston Consulting Group, which has supposedly heavily influenced his economic plans. This is the best of what babelfish and my own paraphrasing has to offer:

The news did not make great noise and yet it is revealing "Sarkozy method". Here, it is not a question any more of posing awkwardly at the side of Bush for posterity, but of letting American strategists occupy the future of France.

Indeed, as the Barber confirms it, Nicolas Sarkozy asked Boston Consulting Group (BCG), an American company that offers strategy consulting, to take part in the development of his economic program.

Let us pass on the incredible consent of impotence of the UMP which seems not to have the thinking heads able to work out an economic program to lean us on Boston Consulting Group, new muse of Sarkozy.

The BCG: ultralibérale the American influence of Sarkozy

Founded in 1963 by Bruce Henderson, beforehand salesman of Bibles of Republican obedience, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) became famous for creating a matrix known as "BCG", which is taught in all management schools.

This company has offices everywhere in the world, including in France. This internationalization makes it possible for the USA to influence the world economy by setting the standards (what it is necessary to think) management economy: an ultraliberalism which is only limited by American interests.

The BCG does not hide its nature and its objectives. As it indicates on the web site of the BCG in Brussels, " there is no limit with the influence of the consultants of the BCG ". And does the BCG have as a philosophy (ideology?) "rupture" with the whole of the social models to the profit... of the profit. Thus this firm takes part in a number of amalgamations and the great projects of delocalization in particular in China, which appears clearly on internet site of its headquarters in the USA .

Does one have to restructure France like a multinational?

The BCG clearly expresses its will to impose the model ultralibéral, as the advertisement on its Web site "A general management consulting firm, BCG is regarded as a global leader in business strategy consulting. The firm has built its worldwide practice on intellectual leadership, and has helped change the way many corporations approach, and engage in, competition. Many of BCG's strategic concepts are taught at leading business schools and executive education programs around the world. (...) A majority of BCG clients rank among the 500 largest corporations in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia."

And due the BCG - which posts an iron constitution - place at the head to its competences the reorganization... to companies, with for objective the performance (financial). But can one regard France as a company? Because this consulting firms' principal customers are companies and not of nations, this enables us to express serious doubts on the capacity of the BCG to foresee the whole of the social stakes and policies that pose the control of the businesses of the State: one does not lay off citizens like Chinese employees, one does not delocalize by France as a multinational is restructured.

Quiet rupture under influence of the USA

This incursion of one of largest and influential American consulting firms can leave us thoughtful, but it is not only a question of approach (ultra) liberal but also of the independence of France: a many proposals of the economic shutter of the program of the UMP left the working sessions carried out between the troops of Sarkozy and definitely very influential Boston Consulting Group.

Finally, the candidate Sarkozy posing at the side of Bush was not an awkwardness, but a sign.

What does not seem to throw into a panic anybody. It must be what the candidate with the high positions in our country names "the quiet rupture".

The author is taking quite a pessimistic tone, and is overblowing the importance that one US firm will have on a candidate. After all, all politicians rely on consultants and lobbyists to get educated on issues and forumalte policy proposals. The important question isn't necessarily who is advising Sarkozy, but whether his policies will work in French interests.

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