Friday, December 1, 2006

Sarkozy swipes at Royal's foreign policy

Yesterday Nicolas Sarkozy began his campaign with more than just smiles, but a strong attack on his rival Segolene Royal's ability to lead French foreign policy:
On the president’s agenda, there will be the question of Iran. There will be the question of security in Israel, which is not negotiable. The question of a homeland for the Palestinians. The question of Darfour where a genocide is about to take place, the question of boosting the European project. Do you really think that it is enough for a president to say to the French: "I am listening to you, what shall we do?" Don’t you think that the role of a politician is dialogue and not only passive listening?

Polls continue to show that the French people trust Sarkozy more than Royal on foreign policy matters, so he is essentially playing his strong suit in hopes that it can overcome some of his weaknesses. One theme that he is going to pound incessently is that of leadership and strong decisionmaking. While he has firmly stated that the EU should not offer Turkey membership (he says because it is geographically not part of Europe), Segolene Royal has been very vague, saying that she would let the French people decide.

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