Monday, December 11, 2006

Sarkozy wants immigration czar, treaty

French presidential candidate and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that he would like to create a new ministry to consolidate the control of federal agencies dealing with immigration. He also made strong calls for an international treaty that would help regulate international migration, and another treaty that would ban amnesty of illegal immigrants in Europe. "Strangely, there is no regulation of international migration on a global scale (...) [migration has been] abandoned to chaos on a planetary scale (...) [it is] urgent to begin work on a treaty on international migration." According to him, he would like the treaty to cover both ends of the equation by creating responsibilities for the countries of origin and countries of destination.

As a political move this was safe and will likely continue. Sarkozy lost the immigrant vote years ago, so he is simply trying to win over the French who are growing more concerned over the increasing immigrant population. Hopefully the French won't allow any candidates to step over the line into xenophobia.

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