Saturday, December 23, 2006

Should Alliot-Marie cut and run?

With only days left, French Defense Secretary Michele Alliot-Marie is still refusing to say whether or not she will officially seek the nomination of the UMP against Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Considering today has been a slow news day, I'm just going to do a bit of paraphrasing from Le Figaro. Le Figaro is currently holding an unscientific poll on its website over the question "Should Michele Alliot-Marie abandon her race for the nomination?" As of now, 67% of respondents say "yes" and only 33% "no". Presumably the yes voters are either UMPers behind Sarkozy or Socialists who wish to face Sarkozy.

The poll has generated several pages of comments on the website. Here are some summaries:

charlotte: This is frightening! What a catastrophe!... There is only one enemy, it is socialism...The Royal "siren" who has only the name of it, will be in all ways Socialist: the 35 hours which have ruined France, nationalizations...MAM (Alliot-Marie), whatever her qualities, must be withdrawn. To help Sarko....Our country will be devastation, if she continues. It is so much to give up to the sirens of left!

jean-jules: She will not pass. The best pupil but without creativity and bond with the people, like Merkel (of Germany). She will divide the UMP. To beat the left it is necessary to unite.

^pépé06: This person formed a rather strange metaphor for the situation, somehow equating Sarkozy with a satellite, the UMP with a rocket, and Alliot-Marie as the first stage.

Vive_La_France: I think that it can always continue its fight. It is not likely to have the nomination and it gives gauge and opportunities to be expressed with Sarkozy....If MAM does not make the weight vis-a-vis in Ségolène, it is because of her little of charisma, not of her scarf!

If she follows any advice, I hope it is this: follow your own advice.

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