Thursday, December 7, 2006

Villepin wants his voice heard

Although he has not caused a stir since several weeks ago by hinting that he might run for the presidency himself, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has reinserted himself into the presidential campaign. Villepin joined the growing bandwagon of criticism directed at Socialist candidate Segolene Royal for her remarks in Israel that Iran should not have a civilian nuclear program: "When she says that Iran cannot have civilian nuclear power, I believe that she denies a reality of the international system which is that any country has right (...) to develop civilian nuclear power (...) On international matters, it is very important to take care that remarks which involve our country have credibility." Villepin was a career diplomat and is a former foreign minister.

Villepin also made strides to realign himself with the prevailing winds of unity in his party by stating that there should be only one candidate from the UMP in the general election. "By definition, if we all are gathered, and if we all want to gain, we all wish that there is one candidate from our family. The things are clear and simple."

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