Sunday, December 17, 2006

You gotta be sincere

A day after announcing the commencement of her "participative campaign", Socialist candidate Segolene Royal came under attack from former Prime Minister and current UMP senator Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

"I think that the asset of Nicolas Sarkozy will be his sincerity, I think that the handicap of Mrs. Royal will be her lack of sincerity.
I find that its (socialist) project is not very sincere and that this lack of sincerity will be revealed in the election campaign.

Raffarin is choosing sides a bit early, considering he is moderating all three UMP debates, of which only two have so far occurred. As for Royal's inclusive campaign, Raffarin said that "it is a good advertising slogan but there is little content behind it."

Royal has built her campaign on an image of modernity and "intouchness" with the French people. So far this has served her well, allowing Royal to clearly distinguish herself from her older and more traditional Socialist rivals. Based on these comments and those said previously by UMP members, it appears that Sarkozy's strategy is going to focus on not only painting Royal as an airhead with little experience, but a woman who is all appearances and no passion.

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