Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Youth want Royal and jobs

A new poll taken in late November shows that 56% of French aged 18-25 believe that Socialist candidate Segolene Royal is the most capable to address their concerns. This was followed by 44% for Sarkozy, 34% for communist Olivier Besancenot, and 24% for UDP Francois Bayrou.

The poll also showed a strong distaste for politics amongst the young. Although 75% say they will vote, 79% hold a negative view of politicians. For issues they consider important, 45% said unemployment, 36% increase the standard of living, and 31% said the environment.

This news could have been inferred earlier, because previous polls showed that Royal was definitely seen as the more modern and "intouch" candidate. It's good to see that the youth of France are being pragmatic; after all, getting a job is necessary if you are going to worry about the environment in your spare time. Since I am new to French politics, I hadn't realized that support for Communists was so high. A communist president would do wonders (warning: sarcascasm) for US-French relations.

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