Thursday, January 4, 2007

Chirac warns Sarkozy, keep working

Yesterday French President Jacques Chirac met with has full cabinet as the first meeting of the New Year. But if anyone expected all smiles and cheer, they were wrong. While speaking in front of the cabinet, Chirac said that,

"You will certainly be keen to take part in the coming national debate. It is only fair you should be able to do so. But you must do so with respect for one clear principle: taking part in the electoral debate must in no way undermine your work in government."

This comment couldn't have been less subtle. That same day the UMP began its primary to nominate Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy as its presidential canidate, so there was no doubt that Chirac, who has been at odds with Sarkozy since the mid-1990s, was scolding him in front of the country. Hopefully President Sarkozy wouldn't be so petty.

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