Sunday, January 21, 2007

Demain, Hulot

France is currently holding its collective political breath in anticipation of Nicolas Hulot's candidacy anouncement tomorrow. If the eco-star enters the race, he will add an entirely new dimension to the campaign, and threaten any preconceived notions of a Sarko-Sego runoff. By no means is success guaranteed, but the addition of a new heavy-hitter in an already crowded field will cause shifts, either away from Sarko/Sego, or away from the lesser candidates who already find it difficult to breath. This could easily throw some out of the running entirely, but may also open the door for a Le Pen or Bayrou surge.

Even if he does not choose to run, Hulot will still retain a huge amount of political leverage with the major candidates. Most of them have signed the Hulot ecological pact, and Sarkozy and Royal are already beginning to get irritating with their continual pledges for a better environment. Whatever happens tomorrow, Hulot has already made an impact.

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