Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Footballer takes aim at Sarkozy

UMP candidate and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has garnered some new criticism from Lilian Thuram, a black French football/soccer player who played in the recent 2006 World Cup.

""He (Sarkozy) says to me, you know, it is the Blacks and the Arabs who create problems in the suburbs. And I say to him: no, it is not the Blacks and the Arabs who create problems in the suburbs, those who create problems in the suburbs, they are called delinquents.

It is to say that he has a racial vision of the things and people. He said to me, for example, that he had been the first to name a Moslem prefect. That means that he judges people by their religion (...) Now I understand his speeches better on closeness/community and all that, why he thinks that."

Thuram is not new to politics; he was strongly against Sarkozy's statements during the 2005 riots, in which Sarkozy referred to the rioters as "scum." He is also playing a role in this election, dining just this Monday with Socialist candidate Segolene Royal.

That being said, Royal is not immune to racial problems of her own. Just this past week, Socialist Georges Freches, who has been a Royal supporter, was ejected from the party because of racist statements he made about the 2006 French national soccer team. And of course, there is no need to mention the racial problems of a Mr. Jean-Marie Le Pen. Perhaps Francois Bayrou has a chance after all.

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You've missed out on something:

Nicolas Sarkozy is not RACIST.

Like most French, Sarkozy will not tolerate deliquent behaviour. Full stop.