Monday, January 15, 2007

French unhappy with choices

Several surprising polls came out today which could shed light on future voter turnout and a Le Pen candidacy. Only a mere 34% of the French said that they would be satisfied with a Sarkozy-Royal runoff, and 20% want another choice besides Royal or Sarkozy in the runoff. Even though both Royal and Sarkozy have attemted to energize the disenfranchised, and those left out of the elites' thoughts, only 61% of the French are interested in the upcoming election.

The other big surprise was that in a first round scenario, Sarkozy would in the working class with 19% of the vote, compared with 15% Royal, 9% for Arlette Laguiller, a Trotskyist, and 6% for Communist Marie-George Buffet. If this is the case France might be in danger of voting along similar lines to its American counterparts. In the last few elections (in a nutshell), Democrats have been supported by the young, minorities, and educated upper-middle class, while Republicans have won the "working man", religious right, and upper class. Sarkozy will have to be careful not to alienate these "working man" supporters with his pro-capitalist ideas, but instead convince them why these more flexible policies are necessary for future growth and opportunity.

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