Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is Sarkozy George Bush?

In what may be a new strategy against UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, the Socialist Party has released a report on their website which attempts to equate Sarkozy's Antlanticism with neoconservatism and compare him with George W. Bush.

"The true Bible of Nicolas Sarkozy resides in the American neoconservative thought. Its true model? George W. Bush (...) (He) became a kind of French subsidiary company of the Bush company, an American neoconservative with a French passport". (...) blind allegiance with a policy known as the war on terror, absurd and ineffective."

Considering Mr. Bush is not the most popular man in France at the moment, such a strategy, if effective, could wreak havoc on Sarkozy's one advantage over Segolene Royal, his strong ratings in foreign policy. Hopefully the French will see through such fearmongering.

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