Monday, January 8, 2007

Le Pen expects a win

National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen is predicting a repeat of last election, when he was able to beat the odds and make it into the second round of voting. This time, however, Le Pen expects that dissention on the right will harm Sarkozy, creating a runoff of Le Pen vs. Segolene Royal.

In this runoff, he says that the French will have "the choice between two radically irreconcilable options...participative socialism (or) the reconquest of sovereignty, of the independence of French prosperity." And as always, he expects to win.

Nevertheless, Le Pen still concedes that he is roughly 100 signatures short of the 500 required to be on the presidential ballot. It is doubtful that he would end up coming up short, but still a possibility.

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François said...

Le Pen talks a lot (and loud) but doesn't propose much.

About the housing question for instance, important question in France, there's nothing at all in his program. Nothing...

Saying that he'll be in the second round might even make him loose some votes. Indeed, somme people vote for him at the first round as a simple warning to politics. Too afraid of a possibility of Le Pen at the second round, they might change their choice and preefer sarkozy to him. We call that "vote utile" (useful vote ?)

Boz said...

That's an interesting point about only voting for Le Pen to make a point. Frankly I don't understand why he thinks the second round will be all that different than last time if he gets in it, Segolene would win by a huge majority.