Thursday, January 18, 2007

Miss France, Mr. France?

This weeks Economist is running an article about the attractiveness of politicians, and how it both can hurt and help a prospective candidate. It begins with the short and relatively average Nicolas Sarkozy and his challenge in beating an attractive woman candidate. The article concludes that attractiveness can help non-incumbent candidates get an edge, but that if clever enough, the opposing candidate can turn it into a political weapon. Likewise, Sarkozy will have the opportunity to paint Royal as a pretty face and airhead, but it will as always depend upon his delivery.
Here's an excerpt about several American presidential hopefuls:

Of course, this advice is easier to swallow if you are authentically beautiful. Everyone else must think carefully about how real to be. Al Gore did not try hard enough: he wore too much make-up in his first presidential debate. Richard Nixon was too authentic by half: he lost his 1960 face-off with John Kennedy for want of a bit of powder which could have concealed his stubbly chin.

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