Thursday, January 18, 2007

Royal affirms she will examine 35 hour rule

In an interview that will come out tomorrow, Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has reconfirmed her commitment to examine and adjust the 35 hour work week policy.

"We will see. I do not prohibit myself in this field. I want that socialism is the socialism of reality: we must look at the things opposite. It is not to repudiate oneself to readjust certain reforms to erase their negative effects."

While not breaking news, Royal is likely trying to wrap Sarkozy's notion of reform in a softer and more forgiving package. Despite his surge of support in the past week or two, Sarkozy is still highly vulnerable in being labeled as an emotionless capitalist, reforming at the expense of French jobs and lifestyle. Also, by showing herself as a pragmatist, Royal will be more difficult to caricature as a traditional socialist.

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