Sunday, January 28, 2007

Royal Antilles

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has wrapped up her visit to the Caribbean with a final stay on Guadeloupe. Last election, the Socialist candidate came in third in this area, but this time around Royal hopes to win a majority in Martinique and 45% of the votes in Guadeloupe. Despite the fact that 57% of the French now think that the UMP's Sarkozy is running a more solid campaign, Royal has been able to get through this trip without too much of a hitch.

She did, however, open herself up to some political backlash when she declared in creole "Nou kay cassé çà", which basically means "We enter in rupture." Apparently the UMP has exploited and mocked an incorrect translation, "We all will break", in turn causing outraged denouncements from the left.

The only thing missing from this American hemisphere visit is an actual visit to America. Royal had been planning to come to the US at the beginning of January, but then that was delayed till early February, and as of now there is no word on future plans. Perhaps after her China trip, Royal's advisers have put all non-France campaigning on hold.

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